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Download free chapters of the eBook: D3.js in Action 3rd Edition

Featuring chapters 2, 3, and 4 of Manning’s D3.js in Action, Third Edition, this eBook helps you build a firm foundation for creating impressive visualizations with D3.js.

You’ll onboard essential techniques for Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation—integral to all D3.js projects, and learn a strategy for working with data, the common denominator that drives all visualizations. Go from building bar charts with rectangles to taking the SVG path to more complex visualizations using lines, curves, and arcs. With this small eBook that packs big value, you’ll be well on your way to taking the next step to creating interesting, interactive, and beautiful visualizations with D3.js.

D3.js is a powerful, portable, highly popular JavaScript library that lets you create stunning data visualizations while offering you total creative and technical freedom. Whether your goal is to build interactive prototypes, fully-responsive data dashboards, or innovative scrollytelling pages, with D3.js, you can create complex and varied graphics with the high level of interactivity modern users demand.

About the authors

Elijah Meeks is a co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Noteable, a startup focused on evolving how we analyze and communicate data. He is known for his pioneering work while at Stanford, where he was the technical lead for acclaimed works like ORBIS and Kindred Britain, as well as being Netflix's first Senior Data Visualization Engineer.

Anne-Marie Dufour is a data visualization developer with a background in computation fluid dynamics and mechanical engineering. She loves breaking down complex subjects into digestible and applicable bits. 

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